The Best Subaru Vehicles for Senior Drivers

Choosing a new car is a big decision for drivers of all ages. But as a senior driver getting ready to buy a new car, it’s especially important to consider how a vehicle might accommodate your lifestyle and evolving needs. As you weigh your options, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel safe in this car?
  • Will I feel confident using and accessing its features?
  • How comfortable is the seating and how easy is it to get in and out?
  • How long will this vehicle last for me? 

Subaru takes care to develop accessible, user-friendly features that prioritize both safety and comfort. Read on to learn how Subaru vehicles help support older drivers, as well as the features we offer to help seniors stay independent and on the road.

Choosing the Right Subaru for Seniors

What makes a car appealing to senior citizens – or drivers of any age – is a matter of personal preference. However, vehicle safety is a top priority across the board. Having earned more IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ awards than any other brand since 2013 as of November 2023, Subaru has a reputation for helping to keep drivers safe throughout challenging weather and road conditions and across different terrains. Beyond safety, Subaru has earned accolades for exceptional product quality, reliability, and value.

When choosing a new vehicle, senior drivers should consider factors that might affect their comfort behind the wheel and overall driving experience, allowing them to better decide which features will benefit them the most in the long run.

Visibility and Safety

Subaru takes a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to safety across our entire fleet of vehicles. Our patented Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system comes standard in all Subaru vehicles, providing elderly drivers with greater stability, traction, and control at all times.

Subaru vehicles also boast an impressive suite of advanced safety features that emphasize visibility and awareness of surroundings, designed to help prevent collisions and other accidents:


Getting in or out of certain cars can present challenges for some senior drivers. Subaru designs vehicles that prioritize accessibility and ease of entry/exit—doors open wide, most seats are at hip level or higher, and rooflines remain high to avoid needing to duck or crouch. Through our Mobility Assist Program, Subaru helps qualifying drivers get reimbursed for vehicle modifications to provide them with added features to help accommodate their physical needs.

Beyond design, it’s equally important that seniors are able to easily access and use a vehicle’s features to offer them greater peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel. Without an accessible and user-friendly interface, key components may go unused–or worse, cause distraction and confusion rather than simplifying the driving process as intended.

Subaru favors visually clean and intuitive controls, gauges, and fonts on an array of features in our vehicles. Thoughtful design, such as placing indicators and controls at a higher vantage point on the dashboard, helps encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Many features, such as X-MODE® are engaged at the push of a button for added simplicity.

Comfort and Convenience

Subaru also prioritizes driver comfort, with ergonomic design principles incorporated into both the seats and cockpit of our vehicles. Seats are generously cushioned and adjustable for greater comfort while driving long or short distances. Heated seats and ventilation upgrades can also offer added comfort, regardless of the temperature outside.

For added convenience, many Subaru vehicles include our STARLINK infotainment system. STARLINK displays all information clearly on a large touchscreen. Controls are designed to make it easy to access your favorite podcasts, music, and streaming apps–as well as activate Subaru Safety and Security features, including Enhanced Roadside Assistance and Automatic Collision Notification.

Maintenance and Value

Generally low maintenance costs and high resale values make many Subaru vehicles a wise investment for older, budget-conscious drivers. Additionally, Subaru vehicles have an exceptional reputation for longevity: 96% of Subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today.

Top Subaru Models for Seniors

Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy offers seniors on the road a smooth, comfortable ride, advanced safety technology including standard EyeSight, and impressive fuel economy for an AWD vehicle. Drivers also love Legacy’s whisper-quiet, spacious cabin and the intuitive SUBARU STARLINK® Multimedia system that connects seamlessly to smartphones for hands-free calls, navigation, and music apps–all at the touch of a screen.

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Subaru Forester

Exceptional versatility, a luxe feel, and robust suite of safety features make the Subaru Forester an outstanding compact crossover SUV option for seniors. With wide door openings and elevated seats, drivers of all sizes and mobility levels can move comfortably in and out of the Forester, enjoying maximum visibility in all directions. The Subaru Forester has the lowest 5-year Cost to Own in its class for 2023, according to Kelley Blue Books, making it a worthy investment in the short- or long-term.

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Subaru Outback

With its rugged design, loaded features, and unrivaled safety record, the Subaru Outback is fully equipped to accommodate senior drivers on any outing. The Outback is designed with 8.7 inches minimum ground clearance (up to 9.5 inches) and comes standard with X-MODE® to accommodate a smooth, comfortable ride, even on off-road adventures and uneven terrain. And with top IIHS recognitions for Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Front Crash Prevention, Updated Side Impact crash performance, and as a TOP SAFETY PICK+, the Subaru Outback is an ideal midsize crossover SUV for seniors who love adventure and value safety.

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Discover the Perfect Subaru SUV for Seniors

Driving can be a joy at any age. If you’re an older driver who values your independence and enjoys the feel of the open road, Subaru offers a wide range of SUVs and cars packed with features to accompany you on any driving adventure. Explore the full fleet of Subaru vehicles to discover which Subaru is best for you.