What is Remote Start?

Remote Engine Start, as its name suggests, allows drivers to start their vehicles from a distance so that by the time they enter their car or SUV, it’s ready to go. Activated with a smartphone app, this time-saving and comfort-maximizing feature allows your car’s engine to begin running–and even warming up or cooling down its interior– while you are still comfortably indoors or walking toward its location. 

A remote start system can also engage features such as your defroster, windshield wiper deicer, and heated/ventilated seats to prepare your vehicle for departure, appropriate to current weather conditions. Remote Engine Start is a valuable feature that is equipped on certain Subaru models. Learn more about how to use it in your Subaru.

How does Remote Start Work?

Remote engine start works by transmitting a signal from your smartphone app to your car’s ignition switch. This triggers the same processes that would engage if you started the car manually. 

Traditional remote start systems, such as those installed after-market by third parties, communicate with the ignition over radio frequency. However, more modern systems, such as those that come standard in many Subaru models, communicate via your smartphone or mobile device’s Wi-Fi connection, sending signals from the MySubaru app to the vehicle’s built-in SUBARU STARLINK® Connected Services. 

Depending on the type of system you have, engaging your remote start might automatically activate certain preset climate settings or, in the case of SUBARU STARLINK-connected systems, offer access to a variety of other options you can control. 

On equipped Subaru models, you can use the MySubaru app to set your vehicle’s interior temperature, activate windshield wiper deicer, control your horn and lights, and more. 

For security purposes, engaging remote start through the MySubaru app also automatically locks the doors and sets the alarm so that no one enters the vehicle without your permission. You can remotely lock and unlock the vehicle using the app or reach for the driver’s door with your key fob on-hand to automatically unlock it. However, the key fob must be inside the vehicle in order to drive the car.

Benefits of Using Remote Engine Start


Remote engine start offers many advantages besides added convenience. Here are some of our favorite included benefits and features: 

  • Enhanced vehicle security: With its engine running via remote activation, your Subaru remains protected and secure from outside threats. No one can enter the vehicle without your remote authorization or the key fob in-hand. Additionally, your vehicle cannot be driven without the key fob inside.
  • Engine health: Starting your engine remotely and letting it warm up gradually before you start driving can reduce wear and tear on critical components, allowing for better and more efficient overall performance.
  • Temperature control: In extreme weather conditions, you can prepare the cabin of your Subaru so it’s comfortable when you enter.

Remote Start in Subaru Vehicles

Remote Engine Start is available on all Subaru models equipped with keyless access with push button start. Remote Engine Start with Climate Control is available on keyless access vehicles with push button start and automatic climate control. On many trims, remote start capability comes standard. Please note that remote start is not available on vehicles with manual transmission, nor is it available on base trims that use standard key ignitions, as opposed to push-button start.

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With Remote Engine Start available on many Subaru models, you can enjoy this feature on whichever vehicle best suits your tastes and lifestyle. 

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