Blind Spot Monitoring

One of the many innovative safety features you can find in a Subaru vehicle is Blind Spot Detection (commonly known as “blind spot monitoring” in the broader automotive world). This feature provides drivers with critical support in the very areas they need it most: where they can’t see. Learn more about blind spot monitoring and how it works, as well as about additional awareness features from Subaru.

What is Blind Spot Monitoring?

Blind spot monitoring leverages technology such as radar and a series of carefully placed sensors on and around your vehicle to make driving safer and offer greater peace of mind. Even the most conscientious and aware drivers cannot see everything around them at all times – and looking over your shoulder and checking side and rear view mirrors may not reveal all blind spots. This is where blind spot monitoring technology comes into play. 

Vehicles equipped with blind spot monitoring can detect vehicles or other objects outside the driver’s field of vision and alert them with visual or auditory cues, helping to avoid collisions. Subaru vehicles harness the same sensors and concepts used in our Blind Spot Detection functionality and apply them to a robust suite of safety features, all designed to provide an extra layer of awareness in a variety of driving situations.

How Does Blind Spot Monitor Work?

Blind spot monitoring systems like Subaru Blind Spot Detection employ a set of sensors including radar and cameras, often positioned on the mirrors and/or rear bumper. These sensors constantly monitor adjacent lanes and nearby objects relative to a driver’s designated blind spot zone. When another vehicle enters this area, the sensors detect it and trigger an alert—typically a blinking light on the corresponding side mirror, sometimes accompanied by a beeping or clicking noise. This lets the driver know they should use added caution when shifting lanes or merging. In most equipped Subaru models, the warning light is located on the inner rim of each side mirror. 

The Subaru Blind Spot Detection system engages automatically, without any action from the driver. However, if you need to disable the system for any reason, simply toggle a switch located in the dash area and/or on the infotainment screen. In many Subaru models, the Blind Spot Detection system works in conjunction with a similar feature called Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. Both features are controlled with a single switch or touchscreen toggle. 

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is just one of several systems in a Subaru that utilize the same basic principles and technology as Blind Spot Detection to protect drivers in different ways. Other key systems that use smart sensors paired with a warning system or helpful intervention include Lane Centering, EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology, Reverse Automatic Braking, and our DriverFocus® Distraction Mitigation System.

Benefits of Blind Spot Warning

Blind spot monitoring and similar warning systems benefit drivers and contribute to an overall safer driving experience. By receiving real-time alerts as potential road hazards arise, drivers can avoid accidents that might have otherwise occurred due to lack of visibility. 

Blind spot warning systems offer several other key advantages:

  • Enhanced overall safety: These systems add an extra layer of safety, essentially serving as a second set of eyes to reduce the risk of accidents or collisions.
  • Driver reassurance: Blind spot warning systems give drivers greater confidence and peace of mind while executing driving maneuvers like merging or changing lanes.
  • Enhanced visibility: The sensors and cameras that make blind spot monitoring and related systems possible give drivers added awareness of areas outside their field of vision that they may not be able to see using mirrors alone.
  • Helps drivers maintain focus: Blind spot monitoring makes the driving experience easier and more comfortable by giving drivers automated alerts, without having to shift in their seat, strain, or take their eyes off the road ahead.

Blind Spot Detection in Subaru Vehicles

Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert are packaged together in modern Subaru vehicles. Blind Spot Detection is available on many Subaru models and standard on certain trims, including:

Enhance your driving safety with Subaru vehicles equipped with Blind Spot Detection

New advancements in technology make it possible for drivers to have an easier and safer experience on the road. Smart sensors and detection systems can help drivers stay aware of oncoming vehicles from any angle, especially those in their blind spot.

No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking for, Subaru has you covered if enhanced awareness features are important to you. Blind Spot Detection is an available feature on many Subaru models, helping you more confidently navigate your next adventure. 

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