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The information provided herein is for illustration only and is an estimate only. Please see your Subaru retailer for information on actual terms and conditions of purchase agreements, which will vary based on the specific vehicle, options and purchase or lease terms that you select. The monthly payment amounts herein are estimates, are subject to change based on current rates and exclude all official fees, state, local, property, sales or luxury taxes and insurance that may be assessed in your district. All information is subject to credit approval.

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Wondering how much your current vehicle is worth? Get a quick look at the trade-in value. And if you already own a Subaru, you might be eligible for the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program.

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Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program


If it has been less than 6 years since the warranty start date for your current Subaru, you may qualify to receive the highest possible trade-in value when you purchase a new Subaru. No hassle. No questions asked.

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