Thank you for your interest in the Solterra Retailer Reservation Opportunity (“Reservation Opportunity”). By participating in the Reservation Opportunity you will have the chance to become one of the first owners of the new 2023 Subaru Solterra. Before you can place a Refundable Deposit and finalize your Reservation Opportunity, you must carefully review and accept these Reservation Opportunity Terms and Conditions.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you hereby confirm that you wish to participate in the Reservation Opportunity and complete the process outlined below to reserve the opportunity to purchase a 2023 Subaru Solterra.


In these Terms and Conditions, the words “we” and “us” refers to Subaru of America, Inc. (“SOA”), and any and all of its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and employees.  “You” or “your” refers to the person accessing the Reservation Opportunity website and choosing to participate in the Reservation Opportunity.


SOA is excited to offer you the opportunity to reserve, configure, and negotiate the purchase of a 2023 Subaru Solterra from an authorized, participating Subaru retailer. The Reservation Opportunity offers customers a unique chance to be one of the first with an opportunity to purchase/lease the all new Solterra. The Reservation Process includes three key steps which are outlined in these Terms and Conditions:

  • Configure and Reserve – Reserve the all new Solterra by selecting your preferred Subaru retailer, configuring your desired Solterra trim and color, and paying a refundable Refundable Deposit of $250.  You will then receive a unique Reservation Opportunity code confirming your Solterra Reservation Opportunity.
  • Complete Order with Retailer – Once pricing has been announced, between April – May 2022, Subaru will notifiy you via email to contact your selected Subaru Retailer. Reservation Opportunity holders will be contacted by their selected Subaru retailer to discuss vehicle pricing, availability, and timing.  If you wish to move forward, you and the retailer will complete a sale order to document your agreement to purchase your Solterra from that retailer on the agreed upon terms (“Order”).  The Order ensures that your Solterra Reservation Opportunity will not be canceled.  To ensure your reservation is not canceled, we must receive your Order from your selected Subaru with in 30 days of the pricing announcement.
  • Finalize Purchase – You will be notified by your selected retailer when your Solterra arrives at the dealership and is available for delivery. You and the retailer will then finalize the sale transaction including vehicle financing, sales paperwork, and confirming a trade-in, if applicable.


  • The Reservation Opportunity provides the opportunity to purchase or lease a 2023 Subaru Solterra from a participating Subaru retailer. Completing the Reservation Process does NOT constitute a vehicle purchase/lease or guarantee that a vehicle will be available for your purchase/lease. In order to complete your vehicle purchase/lease, you will be required to work with your Subaru retailer to discuss final transaction pricing, financing, process sales paperwork, confirm a trade-in (if relevant), and complete your purchase.
  • As part of the Reservation process, you will be required to select a participating Subaru retailer from which you would like to purchase/lease your Solterra. Subaru retailers must choose to participate in the Reservation Opportunity, meaning you will not be able to purchase/lease your Solterra from non-participating Subaru retailers. Once you enter into an Order with a Subaru retailer you will not be able to transfer your Order to another retailer. In some cases it may become necessary for us to change your selected retailer, and we reserve the right to do so in our sole discretion.
  • After selecting your preferred Subaru retailer, you will be asked to configure your Solterra. Colors, trims, and options visible to you at the time of Reservation Opportunity may not be available at the time of Order. All configurations must be confirmed with the retailer when placing your Order prior to the vehicle entering production. You are solely responsible for confirming the accuracy and completeness of the configurations in your Order.  Model year, trim, paint color, interior color, and other options are not guaranteed, and are subject to production or sales changes or restrictions without notice. We are not responsible for any configurations you have selected and the impact such configurations may have on the availability, production timing, performance, or price of the vehicle. You are responsible for inspecting your Solterra prior to purchasing or leasing to confirm it is consistent with your Order or otherwise acceptable to you. If the vehicle varies from your order, please notify the retailer immediately prior to purchase or lease. We are not responsible for any discrepancies after vehicle purchase.
  • To complete your Reservation Opportunity, you will be required to provide certain information to SOA and your selected Subaru retailer and pay a refundable Refundable Deposit of $250 via credit or debit card.  SOA will process your Refundable Deposit and hold it in a non-interest bearing account until you complete an Order with your Subaru retailer. When you complete the Order you will have the choice of applying your Refundable Deposit to the final purchase price or having the fee refunded to you. The Refundable Deposit is fully refundable to you upon the cancellation of your Reservation Opportunity or Order. You will not earn interest on the Refundable Deposit.
  • After the pricing announcement, customers who have paid the Refundable Deposit and secured a Reservation Opportunity will contact their selected Subaru retailer to hopefully convert their reservation to an Order. During the Order process, you and the Subaru retailer will confirm your desired Solterra configuration and discuss vehicle pricing, availability, delivery timing. All Reservation Opportunity holders must complete the Order process by no later than 30 days after the pricing announcement. We may cancel any Reservation Opportunities and refund any refundable deposit which have not been converted into Orders no later than 30 days after the pricing announcment. SOA is not involved in the Order process and it is the sole responsibility of you and your Subaru retailer to complete your Solterra order within 30 days of the pricing announcement. SOA will refund the Refundable Deposit for any canceled Reservation Opportunities and will not be liable to you for any such cancellation beyond refunding the Refundable Deposit. Note the Order with the Subaru retailer is not a sales contract and you will still be able to cancel your reservation even after the Order is submitted to SOA. The timing of your Order is dependent on when you completed the Reservation Opportunity, the vehicle configuration chosen, production timelines and constraints, and other factors.  Your retailer will provide you with an initial estimate of possible delivery timing; this initial estimate will be updated as your vehicle is in the production and shipping process.  All estimates and updates about potential delivery timing are not guarantees and are subject to change for various reasons.
  • The Reservation Opportunity does NOT require you to complete a vehicle purchase or lease. If you change your mind after you have completed the Reservation Process, but before you have entered into a contract with your Dealer to purchase or lease your Solterra, you may cancel your Reservation or Order by following the process outlined below in the “REFUNDS” section.
  • Your Reservation does NOT guarantee vehicle delivery or pricing. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOA HAS ESTABLISHED THE PUBLISHED MANUFACTURER’S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE (“MSRP”) FOR THE VEHICLE BUT HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE FINAL RETAIL PRICE. RETAILER SETS THE FINAL RETAIL PRICE, WHICH MAY DIFFER FROM THE MSRP. The MSRP does not include taxes, title, transportation, other options, or other dealer fees and charges.
  • Lease or financing options through Subaru Motors Finance are subject to credit approval. Participation in the Reservation Opportunity will not affect your chances of credit approval.
  • To the extent allowed by state and local laws and subject to additional terms provided by your Subaru retailer, you agree to make your best effort to schedule, take possession, and/or arrange for purchase of your Solterra within three (3) business days of being notified that the vehicle has arrived at the retailer and is ready for pick-up. After three (3) business days the retailer may cancel your Order and sell the vehicle to another customer. In the case of such a cancellation, your Refundable Deposit will be refunded to you; your preferred retailer will be responsible for refunding any additional amounts you paid to the retailer.


  • The Reservation Opportunity is available only to individuals residing in the continental United States who are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in the individual’s state of residence.
  • The Reservation Opportunity is available to businesses or corporate entities, provided that you can validate your ownership of, or employment by, the relevant business or corporate entity upon SOA’s request.
  • Vehicles must be purchased from and delivered through an authorized, participating Subaru retailer in the continental United States.
  • No more than one (1) Reservation Opportunity per household for a 2023 Solterra are permitted.
  • Employees of SOA, its affiliates, and its authorized Subaru retailers, and each of their respective family members, are prohibited from placing reservations for the purposes of inventory inflation, price manipulation, and/or other disreputable or fraudulent practices. None of the above parties are eligible to place reservations on behalf of a Subaru retailer, retailer employees, or customers. SOA reserves the right to cancel your Reservation Opportunity or Order at its sole discretion at any time, for any reason, including, without limitation, to prevent the practices referenced above. In such a case, your Refundable Deposit shall be refunded.
  • If SOA determines that a Reservation Opportunity or Order has been placed by a non-eligible person or entity, has been placed in violation of these terms and conditions, or is otherwise not bona fide, we reserve the right to cancel that Reservation Opportunity or Order, refund the Refundable Deposit, and/or cancel shipment of the vehicle. If your Reservation Opportunity or Order is cancelled, the vehicle may be made available to the next individual who has completed the Reservation Opportunity process.
  • Any Reservation Opportunities or Orders that are suspected of being fraudulent, non-bona fide or the result of tampering (including those using robotic, automatic, programmed, or similar methods of participation) will be disqualified, based on determinations made by SOA in our sole discretion.


Requests for refunds can be initiated any time prior to your purchase/lease of the vehicle.

All refunds will be made by crediting the Refundable Deposit back to the credit or debit card originally used to pay the Refundable Deposit, unless that credit or debit card is no longer valid in which case SOA will issue a check to the cardholder who paid the Refundable Deposit at the billing address provided.

All cancellations are final. Customers lose their Reservation Opportunity if they cancel, and if the planned production quantities are fully reserved at that point, customers will not be able to begin a new Reservation Opportunity. SOA’s liability for the Solterra Retail Reservation Opportunity program is limited to the refund of your Refundable Deposit.


Your Reservation Opportunity or Order is non-transferable to any other person or entity, and any attempt to transfer or assign your Reservation Opportunity or Order may result in cancellation of the Reservation Opportunity or Order, in SOA’s sole discretion. Your Reservation Opportunity or Order cannot be transferred to a different Subaru retailer.


The information collected on this Reservation Opportunity website during your Reservation process may be shared with Subaru of America, Inc., its affiliates, and the Subaru retailer you select in order to confirm and process your Reservation Opportunity and Refundable Deposit. The handling of this information is governed by SOA’s Privacy Policy, which is available at


SOA reserves the right to cancel or change the Solterra Retail Reservation Opportunity program, or cancel your specific Reservation Opportunity or Order at its sole discretion at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to product or component part unavailability, operational need, technical deficiency, customer inactivity, or any other reason that renders the program inoperable, such as, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, suspicious activity, or technical failure. 


Just as sales and leases of the Solterra are limited to participating Subaru retailers, parts and service availability is limited to those same retailers.  Please bear in mind that warranty and customer pay service support may therefore be more limited and may not be available at all Subaru retailers in your area.


To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we make no express or implied warranty of any kind in connection with the Solterra Retail Reservation Opportunity program or its subject matter. Warranties, if any, applicable to a vehicle purchased or leased through the program are contained in documentation that accompanies the vehicle at the time it is delivered to you.  Purchasing or leasing a vehicle through this program does not alter the warranties, if any, applicable to the vehicle, and nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as expanding or limiting the warranties, if any, contained in such documentation.  Furthermore, under no circumstances will we be held liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, including any and all (a) loss of opportunity (including loss of contract or right to offer or tender); (b) lost opportunity cost; (c) loss of business; (d) reduction or damage to goodwill; (e) damage to name or reputation; (f) loss or corruption of data, and regardless of whether any or all of these circumstances are considered to be indirect or consequential losses or damage, in contract, tort (including negligence), under any statute or law or otherwise arising out of our breach of these Terms and Conditions, even if we have been advised of the possibility of occurrences which would or might lead to such loss or damages. Your sole and exclusive remedy for any loss or damages related to your Reservation Opportunity or Order or this program is reimbursement of the Refundable Deposit paid to us.

If you have additional questions regarding the Solterra Retail Reservation Opportunity program, please call Subaru’s Customer Advocacy Department at 1-800-Subaru3 (1-800-782-2783).