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Why does my audio system switch to Aha automatically?

When your phone is connected (or synced) to the audio system and the Aha application is running on your phone, the system is designed to start up Aha automatically. In order to prevent this from happening, simply turn off the Aha application on your smartphone.

The display and sound coming from my audio system do not match. What's wrong?

There may be a problem with the communications or server environment synchronization. Try switching out of Aha mode, and switching back in at a later time when a better cell data connection is available.

Not all of my Aha 'preset stations' show up on my audio system screen. What's wrong?

A maximum of 25 Aha preset stations are displayed on the Subaru audio system screen. You can change the order of your Aha preset stations within the application itself on your smartphone. Simply press the 'Menu' button, and press 'Edit Presets' to change the priority order of preset stations within Aha.

Some Aha application functions, like Facebook and Twitter feeds, are not working on my audio system. What can I do?

You will need to login to 3rd party services like Slacker, Facebook, and Twitter in order for some preset stations to operate properly. This must be done within the smartphone application itself, and cannot be done from your navigation screen. Please disconnect your smartphone from the vehicle, enter the application, and login to those services that are not working (while the vehicle is parked, or not running).

I was running the Aha application, and then switched to another audio source - will my cell data plan continue to accrue data usage because Aha is still running on my phone?

Some functions within the Aha application will continue downloading data, even when you are not actively running Aha as an audio source (podcasts, for example will continue to download until all content is completed for that episode). If this is an issue, please pull over at a safe time/place and stop the Aha application on your smartphone while the vehicle is parked or not running. Stopping the Aha application (assuming all other smartphone applications are not currently running) will resolve any further data downloads by the application.

I got an error message, or the Aha application turned off suddenly during use. What should I do?

The Aha application requires a reliable cell data connection with your smartphone, and like other software applications can sometimes experience conflicts with other applications running on your device. Pull over at a safe time/place, park the vehicle, and try restarting the application. If this does not work, try rebooting the smartphone device. Also check your cell data coverage to ensure you have a good signal. If you do not, the Aha application may not work properly.

I cannot access some content on Slacker stations within my Aha application presets. What's going on?

Slacker has both free and subscription-based content. Non-subscribers may not be able to access all content on Slacker stations within the Aha application. Please refer to Slacker's website:http://www.slacker.com/support/ for more information.

How do I navigate to location-based POIs (Points of Interest) within the Aha source interface?

When you select a specific POI (Point of Interest) within the Aha source environment, you can send the address of that POI to your navigation system as a quick destination. Please see the Aha Owner's Manual Supplement for more information.

How do I access location-based stations, like 'Hungry', 'Coffee', or 'Hotels'? They are not listed in my presets within the Aha smartphone application.

Location-based stations are listed as preset stations within the Aha source environment on your audio screen. You can ensure they are within your Top 25 preset stations by editing station priority within the Aha application on your smartphone.

Why isn't my screen data displayed, even though I am getting audio playback of Aha content?

Data shown on your Subaru audio screen depends on the cell data signal you are receiving, as the data is coming to your smartphone, then to the audio system over Bluetooth® audio protocol inside the car. If you do not have an adequate cell data signal, sometimes audio playback will occur without a graphic or station picture shown. You may want to switch to another audio source until you have an adequate cell data signal.

I get an error message of "Please make sure the Aha application is running on your mobile device." What’s going on?

The Subaru audio system requires the Aha application to be running in order to activate Aha as a source in your vehicle. Once the Aha application is running on your smartphone device, the Aha source should be active on your navigation audio screen display.

I get an error message of " Aha Communication Error - Please check Owner's Manual." What’s going on?

If the Subaru audio system receives incorrect data from the Aha application, there is no response from the smartphone device while the application is actively running as a source, or a Bluetooth® communication error with an Android device occurs, this message may appear. In this case, make sure you pull over at a safe place/time, park the vehicle and try restarting the application. You may also need to re-sync your Bluetooth® connection if this is an Android device. If restarting the Aha application does not work, you may need to reboot your smartphone device. Consult the Aha Owner's Manual Supplement for more information.

I get an error message of " Aha™ Server Error - Please check connection or reception" or " Aha Server Down - Please try again later." What’s going on?

If you receive this type of message, communications with the Aha application server are experiencing difficulty. You may temporarily not be able to use the Aha source in your Subaru vehicle at that time. Switch to another audio source, and try using the Aha source/application at a later time. Consult the Aha Owner's Manual Supplement for more information.

Why does it sometimes take time for music/content playback to occur when I switch to iPod® mode (iOS devices) or BT Audio mode (Android or iOS devices) when switching from Aha audio source mode?

These sources all depend on the speed/type of processor & memory in your smartphone or audio device. In some devices, switching sources may cause a delay before playback occurs due to device processing capability.

What do I do if my Android smartphone connects to my Subaru audio system, but the Aha source environment won't automatically work?

There are many different brands and types of Android smartphone devices on the market today. Many have slightly different feature sets and functionality. You may need to manually start the Aha application on your smartphone, depending on what features your smartphone maker supports.

Why does my Android smartphone device sound sometimes break up or become interrupted during playback?

Audio over Bluetooth® wireless protocol can sometimes be interfered with, particularly if the device is 'visible' and trying to connect with other devices. This may be due to your smartphone device specification(s), and is not an issue with your Subaru audio system.

Why doesn't the Aha application environment play, even though I got a message from the Subaru audio system saying it was connected?

When you receive a message "Confirmed connection with the mobile telephone" is displayed on your Subaru audio system, it is possible that Bluetooth® streaming audio may not be connected. It is necessary for Bluetooth® streaming audio to be connected in order to operate the Aha application environment properly (Android devices). Please select "Bluetooth® --> Connect Phone/Audio Device" from the "Info" menu, and adjust your Android device Bluetooth® preferences as necessary to connect your smartphone device properly. Please see the Subaru Navigation System Owner's Manual for more information on how to properly connect your smartphone device's Bluetooth® audio streaming capability.

My smartphone device will not forward POI (Point of Interest) addresses within the Aha application environment to my Subaru navigation system. What can I do?

Activate the phone address forwarding setting on your smartphone device. Refer to the details in your smartphone or device Owner's Manual for instructions on how to do this.

The Aha application "lock" screen is not showing on my smartphone device - what's going on?

A problem may have occurred in the communication between your smartphone device, and the Aha server. Please close and restart the Aha application once the car is stopped, and in park at a safe and appropriate place/time.

Why does my Android smartphone device operate slightly differently than my friend's/spouse's Apple® smartphone device when operating the Aha application in my Subaru?

Android and Apple® devices utilize different protocols, requirements, hardware, and connection methods in order to get the Aha application data into your Subaru audio system. Therefore, there may be differences in connection/operation performance of the unique operating systems, as well as devices that utilize the same operating systems.

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