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SUBARU STARLINK is your in-vehicle technology that provides hands-free connectivity, entertainment, and the security you need to keep you and your vehicle safe. There are two ways to connect using your smartphone:

  • Entertainment services can be accessed via the SUBARU STARLINK Mobile App
  • STARLINK Safety Plus & Security Plus Remote Services can be accessed via the MySubaru Mobile App


If your vehicle is STARLINK Safety Plus & Security Plus enabled, you can connect with a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor via your SOS or i-buttons on your overhead console.

What do the buttons on my overhead console do?


  • Provide access to a SUBARU STARLINK Customer Care Advisor
    • Pressing the red SOS button connects users with a live advisor who can provide emergency assistance
  • Provide access to Subaru Roadside Assistance.
    • Pressing the blue i-button connects you to Subaru Roadside Assistance.

Will the MySubaru App use my smartphone connection to provide me emergency assistance?

SUBARU STARLINK is an embedded system, which means that you will be able to use both SOS and i-button functions without the use of your smartphone. However, all STARLINK Remote Access features do require using your smartphone or MySubaru.com to access remote services.

Why do I need to download the mobile apps to my smartphone? What is the difference between the SUBARU STARLINK App and MySubaru App?

Downloading either the SUBARU STARLINK App or MySubaru App allows you to bring content from your smartphone into your vehicle, while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


The SUBARU STARLINK App is your link to SUBARU STARLINK in-vehicle technology that offers cloud services via your smartphone and cellular network. It provides hands-free connectivity and entertainment for your next adventure.


The MySubaru App allows you to stay in touch with your Subaru, and access remote services, user preferences, diagnostic alerts and other great features enabled by your subscription of STARLINK Safety Plus & Security Plus services.

What are the STARLINK Safety Plus and STARLINK Safety Plus & Security Plus packages?

STARLINK Safety Plus gives you peace of mind in case an emergency occurs when you are out on the road.

STARLINK Safety Plus & Security Plus adds STARLINK Remote Services like Remote Lock/Unlock, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Remote Vehicle Locator giving you an added security of knowing that someone is there to help if you need it.

How does Enhanced Roadside Assistance work?

Pressing the blue i-button enables your Enhanced Roadside Assistance working in conjunction with your vehicle's Subaru Roadside Assistance coverage 24/7/365. No matter where you are, your STARLINK Customer Care Advisor will know your exact GPS location and will be able to send help.

What is the Monthly Vehicle Health Report?

Once a month, SUBARU STARLINK will email you a report on the status of your key vehicle systems. A link within the email will take you to MySubaru to view the report in full so you can always be aware of your vehicle’s health.

What do I do if I forgot or want to update my PIN?

Log-in to MySubaru and click on the STARLINK Access tab, select "STARLINK Profile".

How do I contact a SUBARU STARLINK Customer Care Advisor?

If you have any questions about SUBARU STARLINK, please call a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor at 1-855-753-2495.

What smartphones are compatible with the MySubaru mobile app?

Please go to www.Subaru.com/STARLINK check back often as the list of supported devices will change.

How does Stolen Vehicle Recovery work with local law enforcement to help recover my Subaru vehicle?

If your Subaru vehicle is stolen, please file a stolen vehicle report with your local law enforcement department immediately. The SUBARU STARLINK Customer Care Advisor will need a police report number to help your local law enforcement department find the location of your vehicle.

How do I change my notification emails or phone number?

Log-in to MySubaru.com, select your vehicle and click on "STARLINK Preferences" under STARLINK™ Access menu. You can modify the notification to be one of the following; phone, email or text. Additional phone numbers can also be added.

What kind of warranty coverage does SUBARU STARLINK have?

SUBARU STARLINK equipment is covered under the 3-Year/36,000-Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty.




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