Collision Repair: What You Need to Know

In case you ever experience an accident in your Subaru, watch this video to learn about your customer repair rights, and why choosing a Subaru Certified Collision Center is the best way to get back the vehicle you fell in love with in the first place.

All Subaru Certified Collision Centers must achieve the industry-leading I-CAR Gold certification to be in our network. In an unregulated industry where anyone could repair your vehicle, we make sure the technicians repairing your Subaru are trained with the highest industry standards.

The repair procedures for Subaru vehicles are written by the engineers who originally helped build your vehicle, and they are updated regularly. Many collision centers rely on their own repair experience and aftermarket manuals that may be incomplete. Subaru Certified Collision Centers are required to follow the Subaru Repair Procedures during each repair, no matter how minor.

Modern vehicles are becoming more advanced each year, and it can be difficult for collision centers to acquire the latest technology and tools needed to properly repair them. Subaru Certified Collision Centers are evaluated annually to ensure their tools and equipment meet the specifications for accurately repairing the latest Subaru vehicle models. Many other collision centers may be using outdated equipment with no regulating agency to alert them of the issue.

Subaru is committed to helping ensure that collision repairs are done the right way. For this reason, Subaru Certified Collision Centers undergo a repair audit once a year to review the quality of work performed­ – including the safety of their technicians.

A Subaru Certified Collision Center will perform a multi-point safety inspection of your vehicle before it leaves their facility. This includes checking the occupant safety systems and the vehicle’s structural integrity. Many collision centers will skip this step, and some insurance companies do not require it for payment of the claim. Subaru made this inspection mandatory for every repair because we believe nothing is more important than your safety.

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Why Genuine Subaru Collision Parts?

The type of replacement parts used to repair your vehicle can make a substantial difference. Unlike aftermarket alternatives, Genuine Subaru Collision Parts are nearly identical to the ones originally installed on your vehicle from the factory. Aftermarket parts are not generic parts made by Subaru – they are made independently from the rest of your vehicle by a different manufacturer. Though they may be less expensive, aftermarket parts are less reliable.

Genuine Subaru Collision Parts are identically engineered to meet the same strict safety and quality standards as the Original Equipment (OE) parts of your vehicle. Our commitment to safety is continually proven through strenuous independent vehicle crash testing with OE parts performed by NHTSA NCAP and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Subaru works hard to help ensure you have the safest vehicle on the road. We can only ensure this when Genuine Subaru Parts are used.

Genuine Subaru Collision Parts are the perfectly fitted replacement option guaranteed to restore the original appearance of your vehicle. Generic collision part companies may use different materials and manufacturing techniques that cause the finished product to reveal uneven or misaligned bodylines, creases, gaps, faulty trims, etc., after installation.

The durability of Genuine Subaru Collision Parts is a result of the materials used to manufacture them. Engineers have tested Genuine Subaru Body Panels against aftermarket versions in simulated, real-world, and rust-causing conditions to demonstrate the differences in the types of protective layers that help prevent corrosion to sheet metal. Other tests have shown that Genuine Subaru Replacement Bumpers have better low-speed impact and concentrated-impact resistance than aftermarket replacement bumpers.

Know Your Repair Rights

When you file a claim with your insurance agent/company, it is important to remember the customer rights included with any automotive insurance policy:

  1. You have the right to decide where to have your Subaru repaired (unless that right is limited by your insurance policy).
  2. You may request that your insurer and collision center agree to use only Genuine Subaru Parts for replacement (this may require an out-of-pocket expense). 

Ensuring your rights are honored with your insurance company will help guarantee that your Subaru is repaired correctly and safely. For more information about collision parts, repairs, and your customer rights, visit:

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