Tire Replacement

Tires are important safety and performance components of your Subaru, especially because they’re the only parts that actually touch the road. You can help reduce tread wear and extend the life of your tires by checking your tire pressure regularly and having them rotated at the intervals recommended in your Warranty & Maintenance Booklet. And when the time comes for replacement, the Factory Trained Teams at your local Subaru retailer are the best source for the specific tires your vehicle was designed to drive on.

Your Subaru Retailer Has You Covered Too – All The Way Around.

Our Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan comes FREE with any tire purchase.*

  • 24-Month Tire Protection*
  • Covers tire replacement or repair*
  • Complimentary Subaru Tire Roadside Assistance*
  • Redeemable at participating Subaru retailers*

*Available at participating retailers only. Ask your retailer about coverage terms and conditions.

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