Service Intervals: Months or Miles?

When do I service my Subaru?


Use the service interval length that best suits your driving habits.

Whether you drive your Subaru occasionally, or you’re a road-trip warrior, staying on top of your vehicle’s maintenance is vital to help keep it safely going the distance. When your Subaru was built, engineers determined specific service intervals when various vehicle components – including air filters, brakes, fluids, and even engine oil – should be replaced or inspected. The length of these intervals is based on months passed or miles driven, and service is recommended at whichever interval length your vehicle experiences first to help ensure its safety and performance throughout your travels.


Months intervals:

If you don’t drive your Subaru that often, service is recommended based on months passed since certain vehicle parts and fluids can degrade or lose their protective capabilities through the passing of time.

Miles intervals:

If you drive your Subaru frequently or take long trips often, service is recommended based on miles driven since certain parts and fluids can wear or lose their protective capabilities during vehicle use on the road.

You can find all your vehicle’s recommended intervals (in months and miles) and the services they include by checking your Warranty & Maintenance Booklet or MySubaru account.

Let's Take a Look at Oil Changes as an Example.

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