The Subaru commitment to the Ready 365 Platinum Program enables the Red Cross to activate immediately and provide lifesaving aid across the United States, regardless of cost. In addition to providing shelter, food and care when disasters strike, the investment Subaru has made supports activities in advance of disasters, including training volunteers, securing shelter locations, stocking warehouses with relief supplies and maintaining disaster-relief vehicles.

Subaru of America provides ongoing support to the American Red Cross which this year alone has allowed the organization to serve more than 1,539,139 meals and snacks to people affected by disasters, launched more than 15 large-scale relief operations across the country and abroad and opened 365 new shelters.

Our Partnerships

 Subaru is the largest automotive supporter of Operation Warm. 

 Subaru is the largest automotive donor to Meals on Wheels America. 

Subaru and our retailers helped donate 150 million meals to Feeding America.

The Subaru partnership with the American Red Cross has helped serve more than 1,539,000 meals and snacks to people affected by disasters this year alone.

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