Providing comfort, hope, and confidence to children in urgent need.

Imagine having to go without a coat, shoes, or even socks. For millions of children and adults experiencing homelessness and other urgent need situations, this can be a harsh reality.

This February during Subaru Loves to Help® month, we continued our partnership with Operation Warm, a national non-profit that is focused on connecting children with the resources they need to thrive. This partnership amplifies our continued support for those who need it most.

Subaru and our retailers visited local homeless shelters and support agencies to provide more than 150,000 children with brand-new necessities like coats, shoes, and socks.

These essential items not only help keep children protected, warm, and dry, they can have a significant impact on a child's mental and emotional well-being. These items can mean the difference between going to school or not; between participating in activities or sitting out. No child should ever have to face these circumstances.

That's why Subaru is proud to be the largest automotive supporter of Operation Warm. Through this partnership and other historical Subaru Loves to Help efforts, Subaru and our retailers have helped over 750,000 children and adults in urgent need so far.

Our Partnerships

 Subaru is the largest automotive supporter of Operation Warm. 

 Subaru is the largest automotive donor to Meals on Wheels America. 

Subaru and our retailers helped donate 150 million meals to Feeding America.

The Subaru partnership with the American Red Cross has helped serve more than 1,539,000 meals and snacks to people affected by disasters this year alone.

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