Subaru is the largest corporate donor to the National Park Foundation, providing over $55 million in support and helping protect America's over 400 national parks. 

Since 2013, Subaru has worked closely with the National Park Foundation, including support for the Find Your Park campaign and launch of the Don't Feed the Landfills Initiative, to divert waste from the national parks. 

In 2021, Subaru became a premier partner of three National Park Foundation initiatives: Outdoor Exploration, Resilience and Sustainability, and Parks of the Future. Outdoor Exploration supports programming that eliminates barriers and expands access to the national parks, Resilience and Sustainability supports sustainable and resilient park operations, and Parks of the Future harnesses the power of technology and innovation to help the National Park Service plan for the future, including how to improve infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles in and around national parks.

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Our Partnerships

 Subaru is the largest corporate donor to the National Park Foundation, helping protect America's over 400 national parks.

 Subaru and our retailers are proud to help replant one million trees in forests devastated by wildfires.

Subaru has provided almost 1,000 waste and recycling containers and has helped keep over 22 million pounds of waste out of landfills.

The Subaru partnership with Leave No Trace has helped educate 220 million people on the importance of protecting the environment.

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