Meet the Underdogs

Underdogs wait the longest to be adopted, but we’re helping them find loving homes. From senior dogs to those who use wheelchairs, all dogs with special needs deserve to be safe and loved.

Everyone is rooting for the Underdogs.

Subaru owners explain why they wouldn’t change a thing about their beloved Underdogs.

Dan and Ralston

“A rescue posted a hound dog's face on social media and at the bottom it said, ‘He doesn't let his injury slow him down.’ I ended up getting in contact with the rescue who explained that he got hit by a car and his front left leg was amputated. I arranged a meeting and fell in love with him. I have had Ralston for three years now and he shows no signs of slowing down. We walk almost 4 miles every day. If you're ever hesitant about a dog with a handicap, they adapt. He jumps higher, pulls harder, and runs faster than most dogs I've ever met.”

Maggie and Jane

“Jane is absolutely an ‘Underdog’; she was malnourished and abused by her initial owner. Jane has spent the past seven years giving back as a trained and certified therapy dog providing emotional support at a local community mental health center where I work as a nurse practitioner. Her clownish personality and toothy grin bring a smile to everyone she meets. Jane loves her tricked-out hatchback area in our Forester where we keep her adventure gear, toys, treats, and beds — heated in the winter, of course!”

Shaun and Willy

“Willy was just 12 weeks old when we adopted him. He is full of love and spirit and doesn't let his disability stop him from doing anything. Willy was surrendered by his original owners when they learned he was born permanently blind. After adopting Willy, he began to develop secondary glaucoma and we made the decision to have his eyes removed. Willy goes just about everywhere with us — from visiting friends and family to camping to going out and doing all things Subaru. He never skips a beat.”

Jennifer and Eva and Morris

“Morris was adopted to be a companion for our other dog, Stella. His story was heartbreaking. Captured wandering a field in Kentucky, he was rescued and adopted out only to be once again dumped in a field. He blossomed into the most amazing, happy dog. In 2017, Stella passed and Morris was terribly depressed. Then we met Eva. She was scared and shy, but ended up immediately following Morris. Over time, she has gained confidence and their bond is inseparable. We’ve traveled to four national parks as a family, taken countless hikes, gone on camping trips, and more all in our trusty Subaru Forester.”

Brandon and Chiquita

“My friend’s wife had a customer who found two puppies abandoned in an empty building on the east side of Cleveland. When she opened the box, we found two little puppies not even five weeks of age covered in feces, malnourished, and clinging to life. Once clean and fed, we all agreed my friends would take Rocky and we would take Chiquita. Two years have gone by and now Chiquita has lived in three countries and currently resides in Florida. She frequently video calls her sister in Cleveland. From a street dog clinging to life to pampered princess loving rides in our 2022 WRX.”

Emily and Butterscotch

“Butterscotch came from a rescue in Ohio. We brought her home in our Subaru Outback. She has been traveling with us ever since. I have helped transport many rescue dogs in our Outback on their journey to loving homes. Aside from their great reputation, the commitment of Subaru to shelter animals was one of the main reasons for the purchase of our first Outback many years ago. Plus, I love the commercials featuring the golden retriever family! Thank you Subaru for helping to give dogs like Butterscotch a second chance.”

Wondering how to help shelter pets near you?

With plenty of efforts taking place year-round, contact your local Subaru retailer to learn more about how you can help a pet in need.  

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