Meet the Underdogs

Underdogs sometimes travel a long road to find their home, but we’re helping them on their way. From senior dogs to those who use wheelchairs, all dogs with special needs deserve to be safe and loved.

Everyone is rooting for the Underdogs.

Subaru owners explain why they wouldn’t change a thing about their beloved Underdogs.

Cathy and her Underdog Finnigan

“Finnigan is our third rescue. He got caught and sent to doggie jail. They tried to find his family but nobody claimed him. They tried to get him adopted but nobody wanted him. After more than two months, a rescue organization showed up and saved him from being euthanized. He has given us love and affection. He trusts us. He loves getting in the car and just going anywhere. Seeing his love and his appreciation is the best feeling. He feels secure and loved and will forever be grateful.”

Robert and his Underdog Ruth

“My wife and I raise pups for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Ruth was unable to become a guide, but we were very fortunate to be able to adopt her. Southeastern invited Ruth to be an Ambassador Dog and she passed her test on the first try. She worked for eight years visiting schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and even prisons. Although she retired this past December, Ruth still visits a local assisted living facility several times a week. You can't put a price on all the smiles she brings!”

Pete and his Underdog Ranger

“After losing my first dog, I made a trip to a rescue shelter to donate some of her toys, treats, and dog food. A dog there who had been abandoned with a bad leg injury followed me around the whole time. A month later, I looked and he was still up for adoption! Later that day, I drove across the state to pick him up and we have been best buds ever since. He’s hiked all of the major peaks in the state and comes everywhere with us. I am so thankful for all the adventures we have been on together.”

Andrei and his Underdog Banzai

“Our rescue dog Banzai, which means ‘10,000 years’ in Japanese, was adopted and returned more than three times by adopters as he had a number of skin complications and went through a major surgery on his stomach. We love having him in our family and giving him a happy and healthy life. As our shelter slogan says, ‘Never stray from hope.’”

Angelica and her Underdog Athena

“When I first met Athena at the local Humane Society, it was love at first sight! She is the best listener, secret keeper, blanket warmer, and cuddler anyone could ask for. She has now crossed the country twice and traveled over 150,000 miles and to more than 22 states in her short six years with us! In 2021, I started a nonprofit called ‘Zombie Movement.’ This past year, our focus has been raising awareness for anti-bullying and Athena, as a ‘bully breed,’ is our ‘Don't Be a Bully’ mascot.”

Robia and her Underdog Rosie

“I rescued Rosie in 2015. She was emaciated, too weak to stand, and had numerous injuries all over her body. Our vet thought she was used as a ‘bait dog.’ It was a lot of work to help her build trust and confidence in people and dogs but it was a true family effort. Rosie is now a beloved member of our family and is also running AKC agility events at the masters level! She has the best ‘pittie smile’ and is one of the absolute sweetest dogs I have ever met. How we love our Rosie!”

Wondering how to help shelter pets near you?

With plenty of efforts taking place year-round, contact your local Subaru retailer to learn more about how you can help a pet in need.