Say hello to the Underdogs

Shelter dogs, rescue dogs, and foster dogs – these remarkable dogs prove that a little love can go a long way.

Overjoyed humans with their Underdogs

What do Subaru owners love about their Underdogs?

Expect love, laughter, and face licks.

Erik and his Underdog Brutus

"We adopted Brutus from Danny & Ron’s Rescue and wish I’d have done it sooner. He’s such a character. When they let him out of his cage he hugged my wife and wouldn’t let go. I can’t imagine life without him now. He’s literally the perfect dog and I know he appreciates his good life now. We love our morning walks and late-night snuggles. Car rides. Ice cream. Kayaking. Bike rides. We do it all.”

Sean and his Underdog Kiki

“Our adopted dogs, Sophie and Roxie were best friends. We lost Roxie in 2020 and things just weren't the same. When I saw the Make a Dog's Day event, I knew my family should adopt a dog and so we did—welcome to the family Kiki. Kiki is a quirky, smart, playful dog. She’s had a loving attitude from the instant we met. She goes everywhere with us. She loves car rides and being around people. She is a fetch-playing maniac and would spend hours a day if your arm can keep up with throwing a ball.”

Cathy and her Underdog Finnigan

"We found our dog, Finnigan, in California. Everything about him is special. He’s helped us grieve the loss of our previous rescue. The love in his eyes is so worth it. Every dog deserves a chance to be happy and adopting one from a rescue is the best. You have a dog forever grateful to be able to live, to be loved, fed, taken on walks, car rides. We are so in love with him.”

Courtney and her Underdog Maple Donut

"I rescued Maple Donut last year. She would shake, cower, and yelp near humans. Despite everything she still wanted to be loved. Her transformation is unbelievable. She's now healthy, happy, and confident around people. She recently went on her first pet store visit and a camping trip! She's beyond loving and will do anything to cuddle with you. She’s learned fun tricks like twirling on her hind feet for a treat! Every pet deserves love and Maple has proven how far that love can go!"

Michele and her Underdog Roxie

"We have been adopting rescue dogs since 1989 and Roxie is our eighth rescue. She had been with the rescue for almost a year. After going through the adoption process, we packed our Outback with three adults, two dogs and traveled over an hour to bring home the newest member of our family. We all enjoy going for walks, playing ball, and sitting on our chair together. Roxie is a powerful girl with a gentle heart.”

Betsy and her Underdog Willow

"My rescue, Willow, came from a second chance program. I had an aging Whippet and was looking for another Whippet or Whippet-mix. Willow proved to be quite a handful, but my older Whippet showed her the ropes of being a house dog. The two of them only spent six months together but I feel my older Whippet stayed around until she felt Willow was ready. She is an Ambassadog for the Oregon Humane Society to educate the public about the need to adopt from shelters.”

Wondering how to help shelter pets near you?

With plenty of efforts taking place year-round, contact your local Subaru retailer to learn more about how you can help a pet in need.