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Subaru of America's
COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Subaru of America employees, retailers, and our parent company, Subaru Corporation (SBR), have come together as a family to help ensure all members have what they need to endure this unprecedented time. We have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic to help our fellow colleagues, our customers, and our communities feel supported during this health crisis.

To accomplish that, the SOA executive team virtually “met” every day at the outset of the crisis to help ensure that the company was doing everything it could to help keep our employees safe, retailers supported, and customers served. Even now they “meet” three times per week to continue those efforts.

Subaru Loves to Help volunteer delivering box of donations


Below is a living list of just some of the COVID-19 efforts that Subaru of America has made to date (last updated: 7/9/2020). 

Employee and Family Support

The health and safety of our employees has always been a top priority at Subaru. Throughout the past few months, we have worked closely with various teams to identify employee needs and develop solutions that could help alleviate the impact of COVID-19.

Our ongoing efforts to support the health, well-being, and safety of our employees during COVID-19 include:

Our People

  • No reduction in pay, furloughing, or reductions in workforce of our employees despite our drastic reduction in profit due to the reduction in vehicle sales.
  • Providing double time pay to Regional Distribution Center employees who continued coming to the warehouses to ensure that our retailers and customers had the parts available to keep their vehicles functioning safely to perform their jobs from March 16 through May 22, 2020. Additionally, triple time was offered when any of those employees worked overtime, enabling those who were uncomfortable with or unable to go to work to remain at home.
  • SOA employees who were able to perform their work remotely have been encouraged to do so, resulting in over 540,000 virtual peer-to-peer sessions in three months. 
  • Developing updated protocols for corporate travel to reduce the risk of catching or spreading the virus. 
  • Creating a COVID-19 resource page on our intranet to assist our employees with the many issues they were confronted with, including an in-depth FAQ document for employee reference.
  • Regularly sharing health and self-care resources such as webinars to support mental health/wellness, working from home support tips/tricks, resources for talking to children about COVID-19, to name just a few.
  • Instituting virtual learning opportunities and professional training courses for colleagues, such as LinkedIn Learning and Rapid Learning to help ensure that our colleagues have the opportunity to develop through continuous learning while working remotely.
  • Working with Cooper Hospital to offer free COVID-19 testing for all employees and those living within their households.
  • Issuing regular messages from executive leadership to keep our employees informed to help reduce the stresses associated with this uncertain time.  


Our Facilities

  • Revamping the entire security system to support protocol for welcoming and guiding employees through our buildings including, among other things, temperature reading and distribution of masks and gloves.
  • Relocating and/or removing furniture to help avoid even inadvertent failures to follow social distancing guidelines and creating detailed floor plans capturing the appropriate 6-foot space planning capacity to allow for rotational working schedules to be established for the future return to the office.
  • Posting COVID-19 prevention instructional signage in building common areas and directional signage in walkways and stairwells to enable smooth movement, ensuring social distancing for all building occupants.
  • Launching enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of individual workspaces and common areas at all locations, as well as enhanced overall cleaning protocols going forward.
  • Providing cleaning and sanitizing supplies, including protective face coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer, to all zone, region, port and RDC offices/buildings, and directly to all field travelers’ homes. 
  • Coordinating with our dining services vendor on best practices for cafe activities upon employees’ return to headquarters, in accordance with CDC guidance for food service operations and including touchless payment and preorder/pickup capabilities.
  • Setting up TerraCycle® boxes to recycle used masks and gloves at our headquarters, 7041 Building, our National Service Training Center and NASI-DC offices.


Community Support

Community is a part of the Subaru DNA. Despite not being able to volunteer in person and give back together as Subaru employees are used to, we still managed to come together as a family and support our neighbors where we live, work, and serve in a number of different ways. 

Our ongoing efforts to support our communities during COVID-19 include: 

  • Feeding America: Donating 50 million meals to Feeding America in partnership with our retailers across the country. Learn more here.
  • Fundraiser: Helping raise an additional $28 million for Feeding America via an online fundraising site that is still open and accepting donations.  
  • NBC Universal “Parks and Recreation” Special: Partnering with NBC and Universal Television's "A Parks and Recreation Special” to help raise funds for Feeding America on top of the Subaru of America meal donation. Subaru matched $150,000 of the viewer donations, which totaled over $4 million. 
  • Red Cross Ready 365: Sustaining our annual gift of $100,000 to American Red Cross to ensure first responders have the tools to quickly meet needs caused by disasters like COVID-19.
  • LLS COVID-19 Patient Financial Aid: Continuing longstanding support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) which, along with funding from other partners, helped LLS to provide $250 to each cancer patient struggling with economic hardship during the pandemic.
  • Personal Protective Equipment Donations: Subaru headquarters, our training centers across the country, and Subaru Service Center Departments came together and donated any and all personal protective equipment (PPE) we could get our hands on to protect frontline workers supporting COVID-19 patients. 
  • New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund: Donating $25,000 to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund – hosted by the Community Foundation of New Jersey – to fight the medical, social, and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable.
  • Cooper University Health Care EMS Service: Donating a new 2020 Subaru Ascent to Cooper University Health Care to expand its Emergency Medical Services fleet and assist with increased medical needs.
  • Camden Education: Donating $25,000 to the Camden Education Fund, which provided 100 laptops to students at Mastery Cramer Hill Elementary for at-home learning. Donating 2,000 protective face coverings to students in Camden schools.
  • Animal Welfare Association Pet Hospital: Donating 2,000 cobranded Philadelphia Union/Subaru rally towels to Animal Welfare Association Pet Hospital and nearly 1,500 more to Narberth Ambulance to support shelter pets while donations and fundraising events were put on hold during COVID-19.
  • Cathedral Kitchen: Donating 4,200 boxed lunches to Cathedral Kitchen.
  • SOA Employee Resource Groups: Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – five employee-led groups that ensure diverse ideas are applied to every aspect of our business and invite employees to proudly bring their whole selves to Subaru, including Black and Latino Employee Network for Diversity (BLENDS), Evolve, Out + Ally, Subaru Armed Forces Resource Group (SARGE), and the Subaru Women’s Network – were compelled into action at the onset of COVID-19 and each found meaningful ways to respond. SARGE worked with local Veterans Association Medical Centers to provide items in need, such as personal protective equipment and food. Out + Ally coordinated a $7,000 donation of food and supplies from a canceled conference to LUCY (Lifting Up Camden Youth). Evolve made a donation to the YMCA COVID-19 Child Care Relief Program to help provide childcare to people in essential staff positions. The YMCA shared that they are caring for about 450 children per week at multiple locations. 
  • Employee Matching Gift Program: Increasing our matching gift program to a 2:1 match, up to $50,000, for employee gifts to four national organizations focused on pandemic relief: American Red Cross, Feeding America, Meals on Wheels America, and the National Foundation for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We also continued our 1:1 match for all other employee donations.
  • Healthcare Thank You Program: Creating Subaru Loves to Care coloring book pages for employees, Subaru Ambassadors, and their families to color in honor of our healthcare heroes and send out/post on social.
  • Retailer Efforts: Our dedicated Subaru retailers have responded to the needs in their communities through activities such as donating 432,816 meals, three new Impreza vehicles, and dog food at a drive-through event; creating an errands program for senior citizens; hosting a blood drive to support COVID-19 patients, and much more.


Subaru Retailer Support

At Subaru, our retailers are not only critical members of our family, but of the communities in which they operate. That is why we worked closely with our retailer network to help their businesses survive and protect the well-being of their employees.

Our efforts included working with vendors to ensure continuity of services to our retailers, providing their teams with financial opportunities regardless of decreased sales volume, and assisting in carrying costs related to increased inventory during sales closures. We will continue to work with our retailers to help navigate the various state opening phases and support them in following health and safety guidelines for both employees and customers. 


Subaru Owner Support

As the COVID-19 situation develops, you can count on Subaru and our retailers to help keep you and your vehicle protected and prepared. As a part of our decades-long commitment to customer safety, we continue to follow the most up-to-date guidelines from the CDC and work with our retailers to recommend cleaning and social distancing protocols to help our customers remain safe and healthy.

In addition to available incentives, some of our efforts to support Subaru customers during the brunt of COVID-19 in May included: 

  • Vehicle Coverage Program: Providing special vehicle coverage program to assist customers whose New Vehicle Limited Warranty may expire before they can safely present their vehicle to a Subaru retailer for repair.
  • Lease/Loan Support: Reminding owners of the options for extending their leases, returning their leased vehicle early or deferring payments on their current lease or loan. Learn more here.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Educating owners how to continue maintaining their vehicle when it’s driven less frequently. 


Subaru Ambassadors Response to COVID-19

Our Subaru Ambassadors have worked hard in their local communities, doing everything that they can to help their neighbors during these challenging times. From meal-kits to errand running, from sharing tips and resources to donating supplies to local hospitals, the Subaru Ambassadors have truly gone above and beyond.

Below is a sampling of the impact that a few of our Subaru Ambassadors have made, to date, in their local communities:

Yetta, Alabama

Subaru Ambassador Yetta has worked hard in her community to help to ensure that everyone feels that they’re being taken care of during COVID-19. Yetta not only helped support a fellow Ambassador by donating more than 100 bags for her care package donation, which were given to the hospital at which she works, but also has been picking up essential items and leaving them on the front porches of her elderly neighbors free of charge. She has also done a lot to help make sure the rest of her community feels supported, by taking on the tending of her neighborhood’s local community garden – CASA Community Garden – while it's not open and by checking on business personnel, retailers, and other Ambassadors to make sure they’re doing okay.

“I live on a cul-de-sac with neighbors in their late 70s and 80s. I rotate calling them on the phone daily, checking in. Some have families, but due to the virus they are unable to visit. Calling and talking on the phone has reduced their feeling of isolation and lets them know that they are being thought of. Just listening to the stories that they want to share makes all the difference in the world.”

Mike, California

Subaru Ambassador Mike has spent his time working to help ensure his community members have access to basic necessities during the stay-at-home orders. He has volunteered with the San Lorenzo Wood Project, helping 218 people and 57 families by donating 29 cords of wood to the community to help keep them warm. He also partnered with other Ambassadors to help the children at Boulder Creek Elementary with their lunch program, designed to help feed low-income children who are without meals while schools are closed.

“We decided it would be great to donate around 120 lunch boxes and then some Subaru items for the staff that serve these children lunch. It is so amazing the folks who are still reaching out and helping the children in their communities, especially by providing lunches. The children’s smiles are priceless!”

Therese, California

Using her own Subaru WRX STI Type RA, Subaru Ambassador Therese has been helping deliver pasta to those in need, in partnership with Los Angeles-based eatery Few For All. The restaurant was committed to donating a pound of food to the LA Food Bank for each item sold but hit a snag when they ran into mechanical issues. Therese used her Subaru to make deliveries and help the restaurant continue its service.

“Their car broke down, so I jumped in with my Subie to help out! We've delivered over 4,000 pounds of pasta to the LA Food Bank in addition to the pasta that everyone has purchased!”

Volunteer with food donations posing in front of Subaru WRX-STI


Albert and Francis, Maryland, and Mark, Washington

Subaru Ambassadors Albert, Francis, and Mark have used technology to help frontline health care workers battle COVID-19 with reusable PPE. In Maryland, Albert has been printed masks and ear savers using a 3D printer and to date has created over 1,000 items of PPE that have been shipped across the country. Francis has printed mask clips to help health care workers alleviate pain from wearing masks daily. Mark has taken a more local approach, creating 3D printed face shields in a bright orange color similar to Subaru’s Crosstrek Orange to donate directly to health care professionals in hard-hit Washington.

Close up of CNC router cutting pieces for PPE


We are very proud of the dedication that our Subaru Ambassadors have been demonstrating in their local communities. While the above stories highlight just some of the good work that’s being done, we believe it’s important to commend the hard work being done nationwide by our Ambassadors.

  • Ambassadors have assisted with food and supply collection in AR, CA, NY, and TX;
  • Ambassadors have created and donated masks and other PPE to hospital and frontline workers in OH, MI, and CO; and
  • Ambassadors have gone above and beyond to create moments of joy in FL, IL, KY, and UT.



We continue to identify COVID-19 needs that we can help meet, both locally in the communities in which we live and work as well as nationally, and will provide ongoing updates to those efforts here.