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    Nine Winter Driving Tips (AAA)

    Even if you don’t live where there’s ice and snow, your adventurous spirit may take you to a cold climate this season. AAA offers these tips for driving in adverse weather. For more information on winter driving, refer to your Owner’s Manual.

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    Multiply Gas Savings with Vehicle Maintenance

    As gas prices continue to drop, motorists should take advantage of their savings at the pump and invest it back into their vehicles. By spending a little now to increase fuel efficiency, drivers can multiply fuel savings and save more money at the pump, says the Car Care Council.

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    Road-Trip Survival Tips

    Are you and your family planning to drive to a holiday get-together this year? Whether you’re heading to grandma’s house or a favorite vacation spot to celebrate holidays with family or friends, AAA offers these simple tips to help you arrive safely and without incident.

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    Your Cabin Air Filter – What it Does. When to Change it

    Fall Car Care Month in October brings attention to the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. One often-neglected wear item is the cabin air filter!

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    Visibility Matters: Lights and Wipers

    Lights are normal wear items that require periodic inspection and replacement. The lighting system provides nighttime visibility, signals and alerts other drivers, and supplies light for viewing instruments and the vehicle's interior. The wiper system keeps excessive water, snow and dirt from building up on the windshield, maintaining clear visibility.

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