The S209.
From Japan with Love.
The S209. From Japan with Love.



MPG** UP to (Hwy/Cty)

For the first time ever, you can own the apex STI of engineering.


The most powerful, best-handling, and most exciting Subaru Tecnica International model ever created is here — the 2019 STI S209 represents a level of Subaru performance never before available in the U.S. The limited-edition S209 is designed from the chassis out to balance raw turbocharged power with precise, intuitive handling.


The Most Powerful S-model Ever

Upgraded SUBARU BOXER® Engine

Under the hood, the STI S209 features a SUBARU BOXER engine and a larger turbocharger for increased boost — along with an uprated fuel pump, injectors, and a remapped engine control unit. The result is 341 horsepower and 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds.


The Best-Handling S-model Ever

Exclusive Dunlop® Summer Performance Tires and 19-inch Forged Wheels

STI engineers worked in conjunction with the tire experts at Dunlop to develop the summer performance tires’ composition and design — all specifically formulated for the needs of the STI S209. They’re mounted on forged 19-by-9-inch wheels — a half-inch wider than standard — designed for lightness as well as strength to deliver quicker suspension response and featuring a 265 mm section width for even more traction. This extreme grip helps the S209 develop over 1.0 g of lateral acceleration on the skid pad.

Performance Design

Aerodynamic, Lightweight Materials

The STI S209 features performance-first design elements and limited-edition badging throughout the exterior. Flared fenders at all four corners accommodate the widened wheel and tire package. The carbon-fiber rear wing and front underspoiler work together to create more downforce and stability. And the carbon-fiber roof doesn’t just save weight, it also improves body rigidity.

2019 STI S209 FAQ

What is the difference between S209 and Type-RA STI derivatives?

While both vehicles used the WRX STI as a starting point, the modifications done to the S209 were far more substantial and include wider body and engine modifications to increase horsepower and performance. Bespoke Dunlop® tires that are 20mm wider and 19-inch x 9-inch BBS-forged wheels provide higher levels of traction to the S209 versus the earlier Type-RA. The changes were so significant that STI had to homologate the S209 for U.S. sale independently.

How does the acceleration of the S209 compare to WRX STI?

The S209 is developed with circuit driving in mind and will deliver substantially higher levels of handling and grip. The additional horsepower, wider track, and improved aerodynamics are also highly beneficial to quicker lap times.

What engine is under the hood in the S209?

The legendary EJ25, 2.5-liter turbocharged BOXER engine. A revised air intake, upgraded fuel system, larger turbocharger, revised exhaust, and retuned Electronic Control Unit have been fitted to achieve better horsepower and torque ratings from this proven engine design. An intercooler water-spray system also is fitted, with the water tank residing in the trunk.

Have there been any changes to engine tuning?

S209 engine tuning differs from other models and was tuned by STI.

What is the total horsepower and torque on the S209?

The maximum horsepower rating is 341 at 6,400 rpm. Torque is at 330 ft-lb at 3,600 rpm maximum.

Is the turbo boost pressure different from current production WRX STI?

Yes, the maximum boost pressure has increased to 18.9 psi. A larger turbocharger is fitted to the engine in order to achieve the higher horsepower rating.

Is the suspension different on the S209 from the WRX STI?

The suspension has been substantially upgraded with STI-tuned Bilstein® dampers (unique to S209), revised spring rates, pillow-ball bushings on inner and outer rear lateral links, and wider wheels with revised offset that widens the vehicle’s track. Additionally, several enhancements to the vehicle’s structure allow the suspension to work better.

Is the geometry different from the current WRX STI?

No, other than the wider track due to wheel offset.

Have the suspension dampers changed?

The S209 has STI-tuned Bilstein dampers.

Have the brakes been upgraded from the standard WRX STI?

Yes, the Brembo® brakes on the S209, with cross-drilled steel rotors and 6-piston monoblock front calipers and 2-piston monoblock rear calipers, have been upgraded with high-friction pads that deliver improved fade resistance.

Has the gearing changed?

The gear ratios do not change from the standard STI.

Will the S209 have new wheels and tires?

Yes, the S209 features exclusive 19-inch x 9-inch forged BBS alloy wheels with bespoke Dunlop GT600A summer-only tires.

What infotainment technology will S209 have?

The S209 comes standard with the SUBARU STARLINK® 7.0-inch Multimedia system. Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto integration are included on this system.

What colors will the S209 be offered in?

The S209 will be available in World Rally Blue with matte-dark-gray-finish wheels and Crystal White with matte-gold-finish wheels.

What body styles will the S209 be available in?

The S209 will be available in a 4-door sedan body style.

Will the S209 come in a variety of trim levels?

The S209 comes in one standard trim level.

How many S209 vehicles will be produced?

209 vehicles will be manufactured in total by Subaru Tecnica International at their Kiryu-Kogyo facility in Japan. Each vehicle will feature an individually numbered plate on the center console.

What is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)?

Pricing for the S209 will be released during fall 2019.

When will the S209 be available for purchase?

They will start arriving in Subaru retailers in fall 2019.

Will Subaru continue to offer S-Line in the U.S. in subsequent years?

This is the first S-Line model to be sold in the U.S. While we cannot say what the future holds, we can share we hope to continue growing the STI brand.