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Oil & Fluids

Oil & Fluids:

Under the Yellow Caps

It’s what’s inside that counts!

Using the right kind of oil is important for the protection, performance, and longevity of your engine. We recommend using Genuine Subaru Oil because it’s the ONLY oil specifically designed for the lubrication requirements of your unique SUBARU BOXER® engine.

Why choose Genuine Subaru Oil?

  • Engineered to clean and protect internal engine components between oil changes better than most leading aftermarket brands*
  • Formulated with a unique blend of additives, detergents, and modifiers specific for the lubrication needs of the SUBARU BOXER® engine
  • Reduces wear and cleans internal components to maximize engine life and maintain optimal fuel economy
  • Each batch is lab-tested over 10 different ways to help ensure consistent quality

*Based on a 2017 independent study conducted by Idemitsu Lubricants America comparing engine protection results between 0W-20 Genuine Subaru Oil and leading aftermarket 0W-20 synthetic oil brands.

Checking fluids

If you’ve ever opened the hood of your Subaru, you may have noticed all the yellow caps inside. Under them are the key fluids for the various systems of your vehicle, and the Factory Trained Teams at your local Subaru retailer inspect their condition whenever you visit for service. You can keep an eye on them too! Learn more by watching these Checking Fluids videos.