Summer Travel Tips

By Subaru - May 12, 2011

Save Money and Stay Safe

Planning to vacation by car this summer? Getting the right preventative maintenance before you leave can help prevent roadside delays, and even increase your gas mileage!

Our service experts recommend checking these systems:

  • Oil and Filter. Fresh filters help provide better fuel economy, smoother running and optimum power. Oil is your engine's lifeblood. It is extremely important that the engine oil and filter be changed regularly, and especially before a long trip. Change the oil and oil filter according to the maintenance schedule in the Warranty and Maintenance Booklet.
  • Tires. To extend tire life, keep wear uniform, and help ensure that you don't get stranded at the roadside, have your car's tires rotated if they haven't been within the last 7,500 miles. Any unevenly worn or damaged tires should be replaced. Also, check and adjust your tire pressure according to the tire placard on the inside driver's door frame for the best fuel economy, ride comfort and handling.
  • Cooling system. A properly functioning cooling system is critical to engine operation. It is recommended that the cooling system and hose connections be checked frequently for leaks, damage or looseness.
  • Air conditioning system. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can make a long ride unbearable. Keep your cool! Have your system checked for refrigerant leaks, hose conditions and efficient operation before you depart. Also...Check all lights, mirrors, safety belts, dashboard instruments, windshield wipers and all fluid levels.
  • Your best bet. Consider taking advantage of the 25-point Vehicle Inspection offered by many Subaru dealers. A Subaru-trained technician will perform a thorough, multi-point inspection of your Subaru, paying special attention to safety and maintenance items.

Proper preventative maintenance can help ensure that your vehicle provides safe and trouble-free motoring throughout your travels. Have a safe trip, and please buckle up.

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