2016 WRX

Your Connection to the Road

There’s a lot of smart engineering behind the razor-sharp handling
performance of the 2016 WRX. The 4-wheel independent
suspension uses aluminum front lower control arms, and double
wishbones in the rear to make it all possible, aided by stiff anti-roll
bars, performance-tuned shock dampening and spring-rates, and
available inverted front struts. Altogether, this results in minimal
body roll, which contributes to more confidence, better control,
and a phenomenal lateral grip measurement of 0.96g1.
2016 WRX

268 horsepower

The FA20 2.0-liter, turbocharged SUBARU BOXER® engine produces 268
horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The use of a twin-scroll turbocharger
and direct injection help propel the WRX from zero to sixty miles an hour
in 5.5 seconds1. Despite such phenomenal acceleration, the WRX still
manages respectable fuel economy—20 mpg city, and 27 mpg highway2.
2016 WRX

The Core of Performance

The chassis is the heart and soul of a performance car. No amount of aftermarket
modifications can mask a weak, flexy chassis. The WRX core is anything but, it’s fortified
and overbuilt with high-tensile strength hot-stamped steel in all the right places. The result
is unparalleled handling and a confident feel that can’t be duplicated.
2016 WRX

Stopping Power

To perform at a high level, solid braking performance is indispensable.
That’s why the WRX didn’t just get big rotors. The brake master cylinder
has a large bore for progressive and consistent pedal feel. Coupled with
12.4-inch front and 11.3-inch rear discs, the WRX has stopping power
above and beyond expectations, with control optimized by ABS and
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).
2016 WRX

The Power of Preference

You’re in command with either the 6-speed manual transmission with
carbon 1st and 2nd gear synchros, or the available Sport Lineartronic
Transmission with paddle shifters, 6- and 8-speed manual modes, and
the ability to choose from three performance modes via Subaru Intelligent
Drive (SI-DRIVE).






2016 WRX STI
The Key to Control
On paper, the STI has an enviable suspension set-up—4-wheel independent suspension with
aluminum front lower control arms, and double wishbone rear suspension. The tuning and
tweaks, courtesy of Subaru Tecnica International, are really what make the STI tick. Body roll
is almost non-existent, thanks to pillow-ball joint mounts and bushings throughout, optimized
spring-rates, and just the right amount of sway bar stiffness. Add a lightning-quick 13:1
steering ratio and a lateral grip rating of 0.97g1, and you’ve got a recipe for world-class
cornering performance.
2016 WRX STI

305 horsepower

The EJ25 is battle-tested and race-proven. This 2.5-liter, turbocharged
SUBARU BOXER® engine with 305 horsepower, 290 lb-ft of torque is the
product of years of refinement, and can help accelerate the WRX STI
from a standstill to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds1. Its STI-exclusiveness means
rock-solid reliability and virtually endless performance potential, ready
to be unleashed.
2016 WRX STI

The Foundation of Victory

The STI was conceptualized as a vehicle with physics-defying handling
capabilities and a confidence-inspiring feel that empowers drivers to
perform. The STI makes this possible with an ultra stiff unibody structure
that ensures precise control and line-holding performance at the limit.
The STI is proof positive that the chassis is the most vital component.
2016 WRX STI

No Less than the Best

There’s a reason why the name Brembo® demands such respect. Case in point, the
braking system of the STI. With powerful ventilated 13-inch front and 12.4-inch rear
rotors coupled with 4-piston front and dual-piston rear calipers, and aided by the
technological wizardry of Super Sport ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution
(EBD), this setup more than lives up to the Brembo® pedigree. They offer powerful,
progressive, and predictable braking feel from the first lap to the last.
2016 WRX STI

Simply Legendary

The venerable 6-speed manual of the STI is a work of mechanical art. With
impeccable street cred and a bulletproof reputation, the latest incarnation gives you
the ultimate in hands-on control. Tempered in the fire of competition, its legendary
gearbox is designed to provide rock-solid and precise shifting feel, from the streets
to the racetrack.
2016 WRX STI

An Enviable Setup

With not one but two limited-slip differentials, it’s no wonder the STI offers
competition-level handling and traction lap after lap. Helical in the front,
and Torsen® in the back—they’re one of the many reasons the STI is such
a formidable foe.






Limited-Slip Differentials

Performance Features
Performance Features
  1. Based on MotorTrend testing of 2015 WRX with manual transmission. December 2013.
  2. EPA estimated fuel economy estimates for 2016 WRX equipped with manual transmission. Actual mileage may vary.
  1. Based on MotorTrend testing of 2015 WRX STI. March 2014.