We try not to waste a thing.
Even waste.

Subaru Indiana Automotive (SIA) was the first manufacturing facility in America to achieve
zero-landfill status, with all waste recycled or reused. It’s part of our commitment to do all
we can to preserve our natural resources. Not only is our headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ
zero-landfill, but we also continue to use green suppliers and build relationships with
partners who share our beliefs.

As a dedicated partner of the National Park Foundation (NPF), Subaru
has provided critical support to more than 90 national parks. Subaru
is continuing our commitment to national parks by supporting Find
Your Park, a public awareness and education campaign celebrating
the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service (NPS) in 2016.

Subaru, together with the NPS and the National Parks Conservation
Association, will leverage their environmental expertise to work
toward the goal of making three pilot parks, Yosemite, Denali and
Grand Teton zero landfill.

In 2003, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc., became the first
automotive assembly plant to be designated as a Backyard Wildlife
Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. SIA’s 800+ acres serve as
a home for a wide variety of animals.

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