Passionate people do passionate things.

From coast to coast and even around the world, Subaru owners are committed to the life they live and the confidence that has inspired them to fully embrace it. Select an icon on the map to get a glimpse of how some Subaru owners discover and experience the world.

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Enthusiasm is contagious.

Love for a Subaru goes way beyond our great coasts. All over the world and throughout the world wide web, loyal enthusiasts—united by their passion for life and for Subaru—gather for rallies, events, or just to talk about their favorite subjects.*

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Farmin' in a Subaru

My husband and I dreamed of making
our own wine so we bought some land
in Oregon’s rugged wheat country and
planted a vineyard. There’s nothing
better than being out on the land and
exclaiming, “We’re farming in a Subaru!”

–Stephanie L., The Dalles, Oregon

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WRX/STI: From the Sea to Seca

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Outback: Sonoma Wildlife Rescue

Meet and Cruise

After a month of networking and
promoting, the San Diego Subies club
was ready for its 1st major meet and cruise.
We had an estimate of 20-30
Subies coming, but over 50 showed up!
The cruise started at Mission Bay Park,
went around Coronado and stopped
on Fiesta Island where we had a BBQ
and watched the sunset. Overall it went
pretty smooth, met a lot of new people
and we are excited to put on another
cruise soon!

–Brad B., Coronado, California

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"Thanks for 200 grand!"

Honeymoon from Hawaii
to Alaska to Florida

My wife and I are newlyweds and she’s
never been to the continental US. So, for
our honeymoon, we’re planning to ferry
our new STI from Hawaii to Seattle and
then drive it to the Denali National Park in
Alaska. From there, we plan to drive all the
way to Florida.

–Jeffrey B., Honolulu, Hawaii

Foresters Slaying the Dragon

11 Subaru Foresters from all around the
US and one from Canada gathered to drive
the legendary “Tail of the Dragon” US129,
which boasts 318 turns in 11 miles along
the Tennessee and North Carolina border.
We had a great time taking the twisties in
our Foresters and celebrated the friendships
that were created by our common love for
our uncommon Foresters.

–Brian T., US129, Tennessee

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The car that could. And did.

Love at First Sight

Over 6 years ago, I met my husband on the
highway. No, my car wasn’t broken down.
We were both driving down I-95, each in
an Impreza 2.5 RS. Mine was blue, his was
yellow. We finally pulled over at a rest area
after miles and miles of ‘driving together.’ I
think the first words out of my mouth were,
‘So, what have you done with your RS?’ A
year and a half later, after attending many
and countless Subaru meets, we were
married. We've since had to sell the RS's for
bigger ‘family’ cars, a 2008 STI and 2010
Legacy GT.

–Jeni S., Shelton, Connecticut