Forester 2.5i Limited in Quartz Blue Pearl Remote

Hands-free and handling more.

The 2016 Forester offers plenty of room for front and rear
passengers, plus lots of cargo room with an available power
rear gate to give you easy access to it all.


Select an activity to see how much
you can load into the Forester.


Standard on most Forester models, these sturdy roof rails make hauling extra items a snap. And with a variety of accessories, including aerodynamic cross bars, you’ll find this crossover has a lot of ways to get the job done.

With this much cargo room, the Forester is great at handling big hauls. In fact, the large rear opening delivers up to 74.7 feet of cubic space with the rear seats down.

It’s very easy to load up and go. The new available power rear gate gives you instant access to the cargo area at the push of a button.

2014 Forester shown.

Handy Roof Rails Large Cargo Area Power Rear Gate
Forester 2.5i Limited in Quartz Blue Pearl.
Forester 2.5i Limited in Quartz Blue Pearl with accessory equipment.