Warning Icon Glossary

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  • Seatbelt warning

    Remind the driver to fasten seatbelt.

    Front passenger seatbelt warning

    Remind the front passenger to fasten seatbelt.
    Location: next to multifunction display.

    SRS airbag system warning

    Frontal, side and curtain airbag or seatbelt
    pretensioner malfunction.

    Charge warning

    Charging system malfunction.

    Oil pressure warning

    Engine oil pressure is too low.

    Brake system

    Illumination: Parking brake on/
    low brake fluid level/EBD System
    Blinking: Electronic Parking brake
    system malfunction.

    All-wheel drive warning (AT and CVT)

    With tires of different diameter fitted or
    with the air pressure excessively low in
    any of its tires.

    Vehicle Dynamics Control/Vehicle Dynamics
    Control operation

    Vehicle Dynamics Control system malfunction/
    flashes during activation of the skid suppression
    function and the traction control function.

    Vehicle Dynamics Control OFF

    Vehicle Dynamics Control OFF switch is
    pressed to deactivate the Vehicle Dynamics
    Control system.

    CHECK ENGINE/Malfunction indicator

    Engine/emission control system malfunction.

    Power steering warning

    Electric power steering system malfunction.

    Security indicator light

    This indicator light shows the status of the
    alarm system. It also indicates operation of the
    immobilizer system.

  • Hot coolant temperature

    Illumination in BLUE: Insufficient
    warming up of the engine.
    Illumination/blinking in RED: Engine
    overheating/almost overheating.
    Blinking in RED and BLUE alternately:
    electrical system malfunction.

    Smart key system (if equipped)

    Illumination in YELLOW: Keyless
    access with push button start system
    Illumination in GREEN: Keyless
    access with push button start system is
    activated. Please see Owner’s Manual
    for details.

    Front passenger frontal airbag
    ON and OFF indicators

    The indicators show you the status of
    the front passenger’s SRS frontal airbag.
    Location: next to multifunction display.

    Door open

    Door, rear gate or trunk lid is not fully closed.

    Engine low oil level

    The engine oil level decreases to the
    lower limit.

    AT OIL TEMP warning (AT and CVT)

    Illumination: Transmission fluid
    temperature is too hot.
    Blinking: Transmission control system

    ABS warning

    Anti-lock Brake System malfunction/
    EBD system malfunction (Brake system
    warning light illuminates simultaneously).

    Low fuel

    Fuel level is low. Refill fuel immediately.

    Windshield washer fluid warning

    The fluid level in the windshield washer fluid
    tank decreases to the lower limit.

    Incline start assist

    Warning: Hill start assist system malfunction.
    Indicator: Hill start assist system OFF.

    Tire pressure warning

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts
    you when your tire pressure is low.

    Headlight leveler

    This light illuminates when the automatic
    headlight beam leveler does not operate