Dark Grey Metallic BRZ Premium
BRZ Premium in Dark Gray Metallic with accessory Chrome Fender Trim.

All out — from the ground up.

Subaru designed it to be driven.
The vision of Subaru engineers was as simple as it was precise—
create a purpose-built sports car that embodies our love of
impeccable engineering and our passion for fun behind the wheel.
With the BRZ, every element works in sync to deliver an exhilarating
driving experience.
Low—our highest priority
From the start, the BRZ was engineered to accentuate the
inherent lower center of gravity of the SUBARU BOXER®
engine. The engine itself was designed to make it compact,
allowing it to be mounted lower in the chassis. Then we
moved everything around it lower as well—from the roofline
to the seating position—yielding a supercar-like center of
gravity height of 18.11 inches and planting the BRZ firmly to
the ground for otherworldly response.
Center of Gravity
Height (inches)



overall dimensions (inches)     length: 166.7    width: 69.9


Perfect proportions
A total focus on electrifying handling meant keeping the weight down and
moving more of it closer to the center. With less heft, the 200-horsepower
SUBARU BOXER® engine becomes a powerhouse, and the 11.6-inch disc
brakes—world-beaters. To make the BRZ not only lighter but stiffer too,
Subaru engineers generously used high-tensile steel. They also placed
the engine as far behind the front axle as possible, reducing overhang and
blessing the BRZ with impeccable front-to-rear balance.
Coefficient of Drag
Make the wind your friend
To a sports car, wind is like weight—the more of it you have to move, the
more it takes from your ability to perform. So we designed the BRZ to cut
through the air as efficiently as possible. Features like a channeled roof
design and rear diffuser help improve airflow and reduce drag, sharpening
the performance you’ll feel.
1   0.28 for BRZ Limited. 0.27 for BRZ Series.HyperBlue.

Low Center
of Gravity

Sports Car