Our Subaru Family

At Subaru, our ever-growing family includes our employees, our customers, our retailers, and our business partners. We work hard to build strong relationships with all of them so that we can create a culture where we all can thrive and where we all feel a sense of belonging and the love of an extended family. 

Our Subaru Family
Our Subaru Family

Everyone at Subaru understands what it means to be part of the Subaru family and to put our values into action every day. These values include our commitments to embracing diversity and creating a workplace where people of all backgrounds can thrive; supporting our communities to help those in need achieve a better quality of life; protecting our planet so that future generations can appreciate the natural wonders of our world; demonstrating compassion, empathy and integrity in all that we do; and always doing what is right.

We strive to create a workplace culture that reflects these values – a workplace that is personally and professionally engaging and rewarding, as well as inclusive and innovative, and we ask and expect the same of our retailers and our business partners.  


Building an inclusive and progressive workplace

At Subaru we strive to create an inclusive environment by bringing together employees with diverse backgrounds, talents, perspectives, and experience. A diverse team makes for a strong and successful company and our employees – and especially our leadership – regularly share ideas and goals to create a more inclusive work environment.    

We also embrace the value of diversity and inclusion beyond our four walls and actively seek participation of diverse businesses in our supplier and vendor groups while we strive to be a model for diversity and inclusion throughout the communities we serve. 

Life at Subaru

At Subaru we strive to be an industry leader whose values encourage innovation, quality and collaboration. This means finding ways to engage our people in an outstanding variety of opportunities for training and career building to help our employees transform their careers into exciting and rewarding adventures.   

We believe that truly meaningful careers include achieving personal and professional balance.  That’s why, in addition to providing outstanding standard benefits (such as health insurance and a generous leave policy), we provide employees with a range of options beyond traditional benefits to help elevate their quality of life.