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A little help to make your Subaru go a long way.

Parking Lot Safety

While they may not be the most hazardous places to drive, parking lots can be more unpredictable than anywhere else you travel. To help keep you and others safe while driving in parking lots, our friends at Liberty Mutual offer these tips for you and especially any teen drivers in your family:

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Four Tips for Fall Driving

Seasonal weather changes and the end of daylight saving time can make autumn driving unpredictable. The following guidelines provided by the AARP can help you stay safer and more aware on the roads this fall.

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Ten Tips for Better Fuel Economy

1. Check your tire pressure — properly inflated tires can improve mileage by 3%

2. Change motor oil and oil filter regularly, to protect your engine

3. Replace a dirty air filter and improve MPG by as much as 10%

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