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Subaru Advantage Insurance

Subaru and Subaru Advantage Insurance go together like, well, you and your Subaru. Subaru Advantage Insurance from Liberty Mutual helps protect your investment by towing your vehicle to the nearest Subaru retailer and ensuring the use of Genuine Subaru Replacement Parts.

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Three Facts About Engine Oil

FACT: Subaru designed today's engines to operate longer between oil changes. After decades of reminding owners to change engine oil every 3,000 miles, engine and oil technologies now allow for 7,500-mile maintenance intervals.

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How-to Guide: Subaru Navigation

Once you're behind the wheel of an ever-capable Subaru, there's no limit to the places you'll want to go. To help you find your way across the country or across town, Subaru created this quick-reference video guide for the 2013 Legacy and Outback and all 2014 systems.

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