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iPod® Interface

With the iPod® Interface, you can seamlessly toggle through other audio system modes, AM, FM, CD, AUX and back to iPod®. The Apple-style dock connector (iPod® Interface) or USB port (Media Hub) is located in the center console, freeing the interior of unsightly cables and keeping your music device hidden from view.

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Older iPod® versions would allow charging at either 12 volts or 5 volts. Apple changed this standard and newer iPod®s only charge at 5 volts. Subaru's iPod® Interface was designed to charge at 12 volts.

Yes! iPod® Interfaces can be retrofit with a short dock cable that will correct the charging issue. Just plug it in and go. The part number is H621SXA300. Available now.

Yes! In fact, the user experience is even better with NAVI since more song information can be displayed at one time on the NAVI touch screen. The same part numbers listed below work in both NAVI and non-NAVI equipped cars.

  • 2008-09 Impreza models without satellite radio (H621SSC200)
  • 2009-10 Forester models without satellite radio (H621SSC200)
  • 2007-09 Outback without satellite radio (H621SXA200)
  • 2007-09 Legacy without satellite radio (H621SXA200)
  • 07-10 Tribeca without satellite radio and without rear seat entertainment (H621SXA200)

The kit includes: interface module, dock cable, wiring harness, mounting bracket, user guide, installation instructions, quick reference card, and face plate decals (temporary labels for the head unit buttons which can help you to learn their functions in iPod® mode).

No. The iPod® Interface is engineered specifically to integrate the functions of an iPod® and the Subaru factory head unit. No other combination is currently supported.

iPod® functionality of the iPhone® is supported, however the 3G version has not yet been validated for compatibility. The iPhone® will not be turned off by the iPod® interface when the vehicle's ignition is cycled off.

  • Text display (Artist, Album, and Song information)
  • Support for Podcasts
  • Support for Audiobooks
  • Browsing by Playlist, Artist, and Album
  • Fast Forward and Rewind

Please check your iPod® and version (Go to Settings -> About and look for the number next to version). Supported iPod® models and minimum version are shown below.

Apple has changed the charging protocols in its newest products, and as a result those products will not recharge when connected with the iPod® Interface. All other functions are still supported by the iPod® Interface.

Both 4th Generation Nano and 2nd Generation iPod Touch® devices will operate properly when connected to the iPod® Interface, but will not recharge.

Subaru is developing a new version of the iPod® Interface that will restore the charging feature. Check this website for updates on the release date of the new iPod® Interface for Subaru vehicles. Existing iPod® Interfaces can be retrofit with a short dock cable that will correct the charging issue. The part number is H621SXA300. Available now.

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