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Browse through a gallery of stories
from other Subaru owners.

Earn achievement badges when
you share your own great stories.

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At Subaru, it's no secret that we love dogs as much as you
do. Whether they're drinking from toilets or licking faces,
they are always by your side, ready for the next adventure.
That's why we want to hear about the memories you've
made with your dog, courtesy of your trusty Subaru. Select
the "Dog" category tag when you tell your story for a chance
to earn Subaru achievement badges.


Subaru vehicles are designed to keep you feeling confident
behind the wheel. Select the "Safety" category tag, when you
tell your story about how your Subaru helped keep you safe
in a hair-raising situation. You'll probably end up earning
more than just peace-of-mind.


In a Subaru vehicle, there's a lot of room for the memories
you'll make with your family. Tell us your best story about
the precious cargo in your Subaru, the family reunions,
vacations, and everything in-between. Select the "Family"
category tag when you tell your story, and you just might
unlock an achievement badge for all the time you've spent
with family.


A Subaru is a vehicle you'll be able to love for a long time.
And we want to hear all about your long-lasting love and the
rocky roads you've overcome together. Select the
"Longevity" category to tag your best story. You never know
when you'll be able to unlock the "Longevity" special
achievement badge.


While a Subaru vehicle is spacious, there isn't any room
for boring. That's because a Subaru is made for wherever
the road takes you. Whether it's navigating dirt roads or
shopping mall parking lots, a Subaru can handle it. Tell
us your story of getting out there, getting up there, and
everything in-between. Select the "Versatility" category
tag to earn achievement badges along the way.


At Subaru, your stories don't go unnoticed. That's why we
often turn select stories into Subaru ads. While this
achievement badge is one of the more difficult ones to
earn, it's definitely possible. Tell us your greatest story
about you and your trusty Subaru. You never know, maybe
your story will become the next "Dear Subaru"


With Subaru's jaw-dropping performance and intelligent
design, getting to your next adventure is half the thrill.
And on the road of life, you're always in the driver's seat.
Select the "Performance" category tag and tell us your
most awesome Subaru story to earn performance badges.


There's a lot to love about owning a Subaru. This
achievement badge isn't given to someone who just "likes"
their Subaru, but is reserved for those who truly love their
Subaru and aren't afraid to declare it to the world. See if
your love is strong enough to earn Subaru "Love"
achievement badges by telling us your most paramount
love story.


We know that channeling your inner Hemingway isn't easy,
but we all enjoy it when you do. This is your chance to earn
achievement badges for telling a fantastic Subaru story.
Maybe it's one of romance and love, or maybe it's
adventure. No matter what kind of story it is, we'd love
to hear about it, and you've got a chance to earn
storytelling achievement badges by sending it to us.


At Subaru, we want to see world the same way you and
your Subaru see it through your beautiful pictures.
Whether you're capturing a breathtaking sunset at the
beach or an artsy shot of your dirty feet, we want to
see it. Find your own angles and attach your most
breathtaking Subaru image when you submit your story.
There's even a chance you'll earn a photography
achievement badge.


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