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  • Snow Sports Badge
  • Outdoor Sports Badge
  • Biking Badge
  • Mechanical Badge
  • Rally
  • Camping
  • Running
  • Animal Badge
  • Performance Badge
  • Gardening Badge
  • Love Badge
  • Environment Badge
  • Cooking Badge
  • Yoga
  • Music Arts Badge
  • Family
  • Diversity Badge
  • High Mileage Badge
  • HighMileage
  • Photography Badge
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Show your love, display your passions.

Subaru owners are known for living life to its fullest and love to share their interests with others. Now you have a unique way to let other Subaru owners know what you enjoy most with your own Badge of Ownership.

The Badge of Ownership is our gift to you for being part of the Subaru family. Each unique Badge of Ownership reflects the number of Subaru vehicles you have owned. Whether this is your first Subaru or one that’s joining a long line of Subaru vehicles in your family, we want to recognize your loyalty.

You can personalize your Badge of Ownership with one or more lifestyle icons that reflect your personal interests or hobbies. Each Badge of Ownership has an adhesive backing so it can be easily affixed to any metal surface.

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*To learn more about application and removal, refer to the product application guide included with the Badge of Ownership.

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