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Automatic Collision Notification

When an airbag is deployed in your vehicle, Automatic Collision Notification will alert a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor, 24/7/365. Your advisor will then promptly communicate via the speakers in your car and send the appropriate first responder.

SOS Emergency Assistance

Sometimes an emergency doesn’t involve airbags. To alert your STARLINK Customer Care Advisor manually, press the red “SOS” button in the overhead console to promptly connect to your advisor from anywhere in the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

If you need roadside assistance in a nonemergency situation, a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor can send the appropriate assistance to you, 24/7/365. Press the blue “i” button on your overhead console for assistance, and help can be sent to your exact GPS location.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Get extra peace of mind knowing that a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor will work with police to help recover your vehicle if it is ever stolen.

Monthly Vehicle Health Report

Once a month, STARLINK will email you a comprehensive diagnostic report on your vehicle’s key systems. A link within the email will take you to a personalized website to view the report in full, so you can always be apprised of your vehicle’s health and performance.

Diagnostic Alerts

STARLINK automatically runs a diagnosis of crucial vehicle systems. If a warning light pops up, you’ll receive an email explaining the issue and how to resolve it — and with more serious issues, you’ll have the information you need to bring to an authorized Subaru Technician.

Vehicle Security Alarm Notifications

STARLINK will automatically notify you by text, automated phone call, or email when your security alarm is activated, so you can contact police for assistance.

Remote Services

STARLINK allows you to activate various vehicle features remotely. Using your computer or mobile device, you can access:

  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Horn & Lights
  • Remote Vehicle Locator 

Maintenance Notifications

When your vehicle requires maintenance, you will be notified via email. This helps ensure that your vehicle receives proper and timely care to keep it in proper running condition. 

Vehicles with Available Safety and Security Features

SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security Packages

  First Year Introductory Offer Second Year




Package includes:

– Automatic Collision Notification

– SOS Emergency Assistance

– Enhanced Roadside Assistance

– Diagnostic Alerts

– Maintenance Notifications

– Monthly Vehicle Health Report

First Year Introductory Offer







Package includes:


– Stolen Vehicle Recovery

– Vehicle Security Alarm

– Remote Lock/Unlock

– Remote Horn and Lights

– Remote Vehicle Locator

First Year Introductory Offer



Additional packages available at time of purchase. See your retailer for details.